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keone & mari


Dance: artists, Athletes, creatives, ETC


Keone & Mari Madrid are world-renowned dancers and award-winning choreographers, storytellers and creatives, global instructors and most importantly husband and wife. Notable work includes: starring in and choreographing for Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” music video, NBC’s World Of Dance, BTS, Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, Cirque, “The Ellen Show,”“So You Think You Can Dance,” Flying Lotus & Kendrick Lamar, “Dancing With the Stars,” nominations for best choreography at the MTV Video Music Awards and the UK Video Music Awards, Nike, Timbaland, Beats By Dre, Nordstrom, Hyundai, SKYA 3D Musical, several Kpop artists, viral videos, multiple champions at major dance competitions and more. Their Youtube videos have amassed over 2 billion times. Most recently, Keone and Mari have published “Ruth” the first ever dance book, a multi-media experience combining dance, writing, illustration, music and video, which debuted top 8 on iBooks and Google Play. They also co-created, directed and choreographed their first full length theater dance show, “Beyond Babel,” which expects to move its San Diego debut run to New York in 2020.

Currently Keone & Mari are choreographing for a new highly anticipated musical “Once Upon A One More Time” and are expecting their first child.



what are we currently doing?

awaiting the birth of our first child

July 25th, 2019 / San Diego, ca

working on a new musical

fall 2019 / new york and chicago


contact us!

you can reach our manager Cheyenne Kibblewhite at keoneandmari@gmail.com or (818) 208-0359